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We Are Not Divided

In Partnership with David Byrne

Conventional wisdom says that we are hopelessly divided. That we have little in common. That our disagreements are signs of a fundamental, irreconcilable rift. But this narrative masks a larger truth. We humans are incredibly skilled at overcoming division.

In partnership with David Byrne, I produced and hosted a video interview series (early in the pandemic, virtually) to explore our capacity and deep desire to bridge divides. We reached hundreds of thousands of people by leveraging David’s platform and publicity team.

In this very special project—published in collaboration with The Guardian, CBC, and Solutions Journalism Network—we delved into the many ways people come together through science, politics, technology, religion, social movements and culture.

Read more about the project in the Rolling Stone magazine

Still Curious?

Here are some other creative ways I'm bridging divides in the United States.

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