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Body Journaling

No Pen, No Paper–Just Your Body. A New Way to Journal.

Origin Story

I’ve known the benefits of journaling and wanted to cultivate the practice in my daily life. But I never seemed to have the energy to do it at the end of the day. One night, I decided to use my body instead of a pen to reflect on my day, and it was a game changer.


How Does It Work?

All you need is music and your body! Body journaling happens at the end of the day. Put on some music (I recommend using headphones), close your eyes and reflect on your day from beginning to end. Use movements to reenact moments that matter. Practice self-compassion while you dance.


No Words Required

Afterwards, you may feel invigorated to write a few things down in a journal, but this isn’t required! Even if you just do it for a single song, the benefits can be felt immediately.


Body Journaling Tips

Let Go of How You Look

The goal isn’t to dance well, the aim is to reflect on your day with intention. Notice what thoughts and feelings come up.


Capture the Insights

During your Body Journaling practice, valuable insights or memories might surface. Try your best to capture and hold on to them.


Have Fun With It

Body Journaling should be fun! It’s okay to smile, it’s okay to be silly, and it’s okay to make it up as you go. There’s no wrong way to do it.

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