Scott Shigeoka
Scott Shigeoka
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I’m on a road trip across the United States to bridge differences.

The Problem

Public discourse in our nation is at a breaking point. Research suggest that divides among Americans are greater than ever. The resulting distrust and hostility undermines our wellness, relationships, and ability to drive meaningful change.


Living in coastal cities for most of my adult life, I realized I was sitting in the problem. So I quit my job, loaded everything I owned into my Toyota Prius and headed on the road to meet people with different ideologies. The goal? To pop my bubble.



The Solution

I’m writing about this journey, the people I meet (like you!), and the uncovered lessons in a forthcoming book. I am also producing radio pieces that highlight these inspiring conversations and people. The hope is to illuminate the many ways we can build bridges and connect with one another in unexpected ways.

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 “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

— Marcel Proust



Follow My Voyage

My journey is divided into Voyages. Each will be at least six weeks long and go through one state. Though each Voyage is flexible, leaving room for emergence and possibility, they’ll cycle through three phases:


Phase 1


Immerse myself in a community and build relationships with people who have different ideologies.


Phase 2


Record conversations where we share personal stories about how we developed our views, why we believe the things we do and uncover our common ground.


Phase 3


Co-host Listening Parties in cities where we'll listen to the recorded conversations to explore our own biases and think about how we can bridge differences in our own lives.


📍Currently in Colorado, U.S.A.

Want to get involved? Do you know people in Colorado? Contact me.


Stories From The Road

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