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I'm Scott

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I'm a storyteller, artist and entrepreneur.

Scott Keoni Shigeoka (they/he) supports national efforts to foster understanding and bridge divides.

Their partners to do this work are wide ranging: tech companies like GoDaddy (where they serve as the Entrepreneur in Residence), nonprofits like Encore (where they serve as the Creative Resident), and musicians like David Byrne (where they produced & hosted "We Are Not Divided").

As the Bridging Differences Fellow for U.C. Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center, they produced a Playbook with 14 research-backed skills to foster understanding—downloaded by 200,000 people in three months. It's now being developed into a forthcoming online course.

Scott is influenced by their experiences as a queer, Hawai’i-born, and creative yonsei (fourth-generation Japanese-American). They are based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Scott went on a recent year-long road trip to rural Appalachia, Trump rallies and churches to meet people with different perspectives and beliefs. This journey was powered by their curiosity, which is the topic for Scott's forthcoming book (2021 release).

Scott believes in ‘embracing our inner fungi’—and their favorite word is ‘komorebi’ (木漏れ日), which means the sunlight that beams through the leaves of a tree.

Previously, Scott was a leader at the design firm IDEO, a writer for outlets like The Washington Post, a music festival founder, immersive art creator, and started two social enterprises in Europe and the United States.


Contact me using the form below. I'm currently available for speaking engagements, facilitation and creative consulting work. I try to respond to everyone that messages me!

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